Aktuelle Virenwarnungen zu Viren und Trojanern

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Hier sehen Sie aktuelle Virenwarnungen der Antivirus-Hersteller Kaspersky und Avira.

Virenwarnungen Avira

Viren und Scherheitwarnungen Kaspersky (Englisch)

Alternative malware propagation methods | Kaspersky official blog

Typosquatting, YouTube links, malicious torrents, and legitimate tools as alternative methods for spreading malware.

NullMixer simulates pirated software and delivers malware | Kaspersky official blog

The NullMixer dropper, in the guise of pirated software and cracks, delivers downloaders, stealers, bankers and spyware onto victims? computers.

Vulnerable Cisco updates | Kaspersky official blog

At the DEF CON 30 conference in August, researchers demonstrated vulnerabilities in Cisco?s update delivery mechanism.

Vulnerability in tarfile module | Kaspersky official blog

A 15-year-old vulnerability in the tarfile module poses a threat to many programs.

Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 269 | Kaspersky official blog

Episode 269 looks at dodgy NFTs, Rockstar and Uber hacker arrested, and much more!

What?s wrong with NFTs | Kaspersky official blog

Ivan Kwiatkowski explains what?s wrong with Ethereum, smart-contracts and non-fungible tokens (aka NFTs).

Have you revoked ex-employees? access? | Kaspersky official blog

Are you sure your former colleagues don?t have access to corporate data or systems?

Agent Tesla trojan in spam | Kaspersky official blog

Kaspersky experts have detected a malicious mass-mailing campaign using the Agent Tesla trojan.

The Harly Trojan subscriber in Google Play apps | Kaspersky official blog

A slew of apps containing the Harly Trojan subscriber have been found on Google Play, adding up to more than 4.8 million downloads. We explain why these apps are dangerous.

Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 268 | Kaspersky official blog

Episode 268 includes chess shocks, GTA6 breach, antivax carrots and IHG wiper attack!