Aktuelle Virenwarnungen zu Viren und Trojanern

Bitdefender: 44 % Rabatt auf die neue Total Security 2019


Hier sehen Sie aktuelle Virenwarnungen der Antivirus-Hersteller Kaspersky und Avira.

Virenwarnungen Avira

Viren und Scherheitwarnungen Kaspersky (Englisch)

Telegram security and privacy tips

We explain why secret chats in Telegram are a must, and how to configure security and privacy.

Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 182

Jeff and Dave discuss the cybersecurity fallout of the US Capitol attack, Parler, and more.

An employee, fired

Hell hath no fury. A former medical device supplier sabotages deliveries to customers.

How to tell if a website is taking your (browser) fingerprints

Researchers have created an extension to learn about the information websites collect to ?fingerprint? browsers.

Delivery payment fraud

People are receiving phishing e-mail messages with requests for payments for a package delivery, with links to a fake postal service website for making the payment.

Gone in a Flash

No one should be using the dead technology, and any websites that still use it need an update.

Hard-coded account in ZyXel equipment

?Zyfwp,? an admin-level account with a hard-coded password, discovered in several networking devices made by ZyXel.

Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 181

Jeff and Dave discuss the death of Adobe Flash, swatting through the Internet of Things, and more.

Ethernet, now broadcasting

Can you transmit wireless data over a wired network? Evidence shows it can be done.

Air-Fi is another path to stealing data from an isolated computer

Computers don?t necessarily need a Wi-Fi module to transmit information over Wi-Fi, Israeli researchers have found.